Irgendwann, …

… wenn ich mal viel Zeit habe, dann … ;).

Bis dahin hinterlasse ich Euch hier nur dieses, für mich generierte Bild der Göttin der Morgenröte (Aurora, Eos, Thesan, …) von DALL·E.

Ich finde es ist sehr schön geworden.

Der Prompt dazu lautete:

A mystical and captivating depiction of the Goddess of Dawn, Eos, in a 16:9 aspect ratio, with the entire image gradually blending into deep black around the edges. Eos is illustrated as a radiant, divine figure, symbolizing the first glimmer of daylight. Her form is depicted with elegance and strength, surrounded by a luminous aura representing dawn’s arrival. She wears ethereal, shimmering attire, echoing the colors of the early morning sky in shades of soft pink, orange, and gold. The backdrop is a magnificent sunrise, with the image’s periphery seamlessly transitioning into black, focusing the viewer’s attention on the goddess amidst the darkness.